Welcome to Cyclops’s documentation!

Cyclops is an open source, community driven project led by Cloud Accounting and Billing (CAB) initiative @ SPLAB, part of InIT - ZHAW, for creating a flexible accounting and billing framework for IT services. Cyclops has been specifically designed keeping requirements of popular cloud native applications, platforms and services in mind. Widely used platforms such as OpenStack, CloudStack, Apache Hadoop, etc. are already supported, meaning - these can be billed out of box through Cyclops framework via appropriate collectors.

Cyclops v3 architecture

Figure 1: Cyclops framework architecture (v3.0)

This manual covers only installation and administration of Cyclops installation.

See also

You may want to read Cyclops’s Developer’s guide (WiKi) – the first bit, at least – to get an idea of the concepts required for extending the framework.

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